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Enjoying true artistic performances, you do not have to go to big metropolises, not even to Helsinki – our most beloved KUMU Museum of Art has it all. Find a moment for yourself and walk through the wonderful Kadriorg Park directly to KUMU. It is also a good opportunity to get out of the everyday […]


Often associated with passion, love, power and courage, RED is eternally à la mode. It is the color to make you fall in love… with a dress… or a coat… or a lipstick… or anything, actually. Seeing it makes our hearts beat faster and maybe this is the reason why we, inevitably, are amour fou […]


Christmas is the time for gifts that express love, affection and sincerity. Who gives what says a lot about oneself as well as what they know and think of the other person. To give our readers something to ponder upon, we have come up with 5 presents from the fashion world that are easy to […]