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Too shiny, too dark, too feminine, too masculine, different personalities, different decades… everything connected by IRIS JANVIER.

Fall/winter 2017 creation is inspired by the unisex aesthetics where clothes do not set limits between masculinity and femininity. The items bring out an individual’s unique charm rather than ask for their gender – oversized coats, sweatshirts, jackets inspired by men’s suits, where elegant and sporty are combined into a futuristically modern whole. Classic silhouettes are mixed with IRIS JANVIER’s signature positively crazy fabrics and fascinating shapes.

Voluminous knitwear created in the intarsia technique, large prints and cosmically sparkling materials are the keywords for the products of this season – each person can find their own and distinctive set that compliments their wardrobe and stays true to their character.

Shiny and sparkling jacquard and sequin fabrics add a sense of celebration to the winter season, whilst woolen coats, with viscose lining that are friendly to the wearer’s body, and merino and alpaca blended knitwear protect you from the crisp and cold weather.

Fall/winter 2017 collection “Clash of Abundance” fabric motifs were made by mixing the textures of gouache colors and ink, resembling airy and eccentrically colored clouds and resulting in camouflage patterns. IRIS JANVIER prints are characterized by their versatile, abundant, dreamy, emotional, courageous, excitingly harmonizing elegant and unisex aesthetics.

Bordeaux and turquoise shades linger with the to the dramatic nature of the winter collection, adding positive energy and brilliance that flash in the large knitwear patterns of the collection using the intarsia design.


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