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IRIS JANVIER is an Estonian premium fashion brand. We design chic and timelessly stylish fashion for women.

IRIS JANVIER clothes are modern, functional and well considered. We use only exclusive and mainly natural fabrics. In design process we combine traditional elements with new technologies, which form every piece of IRIS JANVIER clothing classic yet innovative.

Our clothes make a woman feel smart, comfortable and sexy. At IRIS JANVIER femininity can be translated as something delicate and subtle but geometrical at the same time.

We collaborate with young designer talents, who have fresh and exciting view on premium class women’s fashion. We are inspired by music, art, architecture and personal individuality. At IRIS JANVIER we love chic and beautiful things that are well made.

Our philosophy is to create outstanding and timeless designs that make women feel chic and confident every day.

L.Koidula 24-10, Kadriorg, Tallinn

+ 372 504 3272 / info@iris-janvier.com

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