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IRIS JANVIER had the pleasure and joy to collaborate with beloved Estonian actress Maiken Schmidt during the launch of our brand new fashion line IRIS JANVIER Business this Spring.

As a talented and skilled actress, Maiken embodied in photo and video the woman we were creating our first business collection for. IRIS JANVIER Business woman is somebody who is smart, brave, self-conscsious and wants to look elegant and feminine every day. She enjoys her busy day at work – be it in the office, at a meeting or a business lunch.

We presented our new fashion line on 18th of March, 2016, as an opening act of the Estonian National Advertising Festival the Golden Egg Gala in Saku Suurhall. The first collection was showed as fashion performance directed by outstanding young choreographers Carmel and Rene Köster from Twisted Dance Company.

Maiken was kind to share her thoughts about our project, fashion and creativity in a short interview.

What were the things that drove You to participate in IRIS JANVIER fashion performance project?

To start with, I found it interesting and challenging to put myself in a new situation what fashion world for sure is to me. Secondly, I admire the style and taste of the choreographers Carmel and Rene Köster who directed the performance and last but not least – IRIS JANVIER is an Estonian brand.

What does this project offer You from creative aspect?

It gives me a chance to experience a new role. I probably do not have the skills that a professional model holds but why not over come my insecurity in modelling by acting that I’m a model…

Which kind of previous experience do You have in fashion world before getting involved with IRIS JANVIER?

The experience has been quite brief. In my daily job as an actress I do have some photo shoots from time to time, but I haven’t collaborated with any fashion brand before. So, I feel kind of privileged now.

By Your opinion, where is the line between fashion design and genuine artistic expression?

I believe the line lies in every artist’s intention and perhaps also in conscience. When talking about fashion world, I do worry about the overconsumption and wasting of resources, therefore I often want to ask, why do we need all this? But when fashion means elaborately designed, high quality, ecologically and responsibly produced long-lasting products and smart marketing that goes along, then I feel it’s a good combination of fashion design and pure artistic expression. This kind of approach I sense in IRIS JANVIER.

Take a look at the video of IRIS JANVIER Business fashion performance right here:

We at IRIS JANVIER would like to thank Maiken once again for her inspiring professionalism and memorable days of shooting together IRIS JANVIER Business line.


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