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Throwback Thursday! 

Just a couple of weeks ago, on 24th of February, Estonia celebrated its Independence Day in Estonian National Opera house with a reception and a festive celebration hosted by the President Mr Toomas Hendrik Ilves and his wife Mrs Ieva Ilves.

It was a remarkable evening for the country and Estonian people, but also for Estonian fashion and jewellery design because many of the guests were wearing the creation of Estonian beloved designers.

IRIS JANVIER had an honour to dress many beautiful women for the occasion. Every IRIS JANVIER dress seen at the reception was designed for its wearer for the special day, considering  her style, dreams, but also the colour palette and fashion cuts of the season.

Please enjoy once again the gallery of elegant IRIS JANVIER evening gowns worn by our beautiful women and find out what inspired us in the design process.


Amazing Kristel Mardisoo was wearing at the reception a fairytale pastel dress with a light full skirt. Our beautiful Kristel caught a lot of attention and compliments during the festive evening,

We were inspired by the outstanding female characters of classic literature that Kristel with her natural beauty and femininity could perfectly embody.

Kristel is feeling thankful:

“Thank You, dear Tanel, that I can be by Your side. Thank You, Iris Janvier, for dressing me up in such a beautiful dress. I can always count on You!

Thank You, lovely Kristel!

As we know, the colours of the season Spring/Summer 2016 are natural pastels and cool ashy tones.

So we dressed our lovely Maria Einer in a flowing powdery Greek goddess gown which expresses enjoyable carefree youth and perfectly brings out Maria’s natural beauty.




Also beautiful Tiina Paet is wearing the colour of the season.

The inspiration for this body embracing gown came from the elegance of the classic silver screen. Tiina’s feminine flirty shoes and statement designer jewellery add charming personality to the whole look.

What a beautiful woman!

Always stylish Mai Palling is wearing luxurious velvet silk gown which reflects the perpetual energy and youthful vitality of big city life.

The bohemian hairdo, perfectly finished make-up, bold choice of designer earrings and chic dark colours of the dress perfectly express Mai’s lively personality.

Mai shares her jovial emotions:

“It was an honour to be at the reception once again. It was a pleasure to enjoy the awsome concert. And I was delighted to meet Iris Janvier who dressed me up for the occasion. I loved the infective energy, fun atmosphere and remarkable service of Iris Janvier family. Cheers to Estonia!”

Thank You, Mai! You are an amazing woman!



Elegant Mari Vaus is wearing IRIS JANVIER olive green dress that is inspired by the power and magic of mother nature.

Minimalistic design, natural make-up and humble accessories complete Mari’s look to a memorable perfection.

Chic Ragne Kabanova is wearing at the Independence Day reception a modern dark grey two-piece dress which consists of beautifully figure hugging top and long skirt. The costume was inspired by the timeless new look silhouette.

Ragne’s silver accessories complete the look with a crisp wintery touch.




Bright and beautiful Maria Derlõš is wearing a gown that expresses self-confidence, courage and youthfulness.

We designed the dress specially for Maria and got inspiration from modern femininity.

Maria: “Спасибо за красоту!”

Wonderful Maria, Thank You!

Lovely Liis Lipre-Järma enjoyed the reception in a remarkable IRIS JANVIER dress which has a simple silhouette but is made of unique looking silk fabric.

The inspiration of the dress came from haute couture art.

Liis’ feedback is making us smile:

“Thank You Iris Janvier for Your professionalism and above all, it’s fun at your place!:)”

Thank You, Liis! You are beautiful!



Stylish Anni Varm was wearing at the party a timeless black silk gown that got inspiration from contemporary architecture.

Cool accessories and carefully chosen lip and nail colour playfully stand out on the black canvas.

Radiating Ilona Taimur is wearing a deep blue silk dress that underlines her natural beauty.

Our inspiration came from the cold fairness of Northern landscape and we love how the distinguishable blue colour presents Ilona’s beautiful eyes.



Amazing Anu Saagim was wearing in our country’s special evening a gown in national colours.

The dress was designed for Anu for the occasion and who could be a better inspiration than Anu herself! Her dress embodies sparkle, fun, beauty and courage that we love in her.

We would like to thank once again each of  You who trusted yourself into our hands. We, at IRIS JANVIER, enjoyed every moment in this inspiring and creatively challenging time!

Happy and prosperous years to come for our beloved Estonia!



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