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Christmas is the time for gifts that express love, affection and sincerity. Who gives what says a lot about oneself as well as what they know and think of the other person. To give our readers something to ponder upon, we have come up with 5 presents from the fashion world that are easy to give whilst still being able to express oneself and stay true to the meaning of giving Christmas presents.

JEWELRYtimeless classics

There is a certain magic in giving jewelry as a gift. It expresses love, friendship, commitment, appreciation, delicacy and adds a personal touch to it all. For the reason that the type of jewelry determines who it is being given to, it clearly voices the message what the gift giver wanted to express to that special person. Jewelry is also easier to choose than clothes and often leaves a profound imprint on both the gift giver and the receiver. This is because the act of giving the gift of fine jewelry has been from time to time, among other things, a family tradition to show trust and affection. Whether the jewelry be statement or a slightly more modest piece, it is a sign of something special and gives you the opportunity to show that you value quality over quantity. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, watches – jewelry, be it in the form of a cordial symbol or a choice of favorite color, is available for every taste, style and budget.

HEADWEARcaring and interesting

Beanies, barrettes, baseball caps, bobble, cloche and cowboy hats, fedoras, turbans, fesses, sombreros, hunting, cricket and uniform caps etc. – there are infinitely many choices. Realizing that there are lots of different headwear styles, that have evolved and have presented themselves continuously in almost every decade of the 20th century, it’s time to remind ourselves of what was said to us during childhood – put your hat on! This is especially true during the winter period when the crisp temperatures and icy winds are unavoidable. Wearing a hat does not only result in keeping yourself warm but means that you will be able to do heartwarming things for others as well. Therefore, so that frost wouldn’t bite someone dear to you, a warm woolen hat, for example, is the perfect gift.


SOCKSunique idea

At one point in our lives, most of us have probably thought that getting socks for Christmas is either a joke or a nightmare beyond compare. However, luckily for us, in addition to the fact that the latest eye-catching sock designs are a far cry from previous single-colored and dull designs, as we grow older, we being to acknowledge that getting socks is more a blessing rather than a punishment. Different patterns, materials, colors and individual designs adorn a stylish outfit and, as an essential part of the wardrobe, socks are an awesome gift either depending on or regardless of one’s age, peculiarities or taste. Therefore, why not start a new tradition and give a chic pair of socks to someone each year.


SWEATERa worthwhile investment

The weather in Estonia and in many other parts of the world allows sweaters to be worn almost all year around – thanks to this, a high quality and comfortable sweater is worth the investment, especially during winter, during the peak season of sweaters. Nonetheless, anyone who has ever given an item of clothing as a present, knows that it is a rather complicated task, since there are many things that need to be taken into consideration beforehand. In addition to the person’s own preferences, it is probably most important to select a sweater made of the right fabric. Sheep and cotton wool, cashmere, silk, linen or a combination of the aforementioned ensure quality and long durability. The courage to purchase a sweater gives the gift receiver a sign that you know him or her and know what he or she likes. Even if the sweater is not the best fit or the color does not exactly his or her eye color, the person will notice that it was a bold move and understands the time and dedication you put into it.


GIFT CARDrespectful choice

Gift cards could fairly be considered as modern classics. The idea of a gift card is to give a free hand to the other person and leave room for them to get creative. For the gift giver, it can certainly be a lifeline as most of us are probably have been burning the midnight oil before the Christmas season, but still respect their wishes and show that you know what things or experiences the person likes. This way, you can rule out the possibility of buying an unwanted or meaningless present, and since gift cards have different prices, there is plenty of freedom of choice for both. Although sometimes gift cards are seen as an uncaring and not very well-thought-out gift, there is always the possibility to personalize the gift or the act of giving – write a letter, add thoughts on what to buy for it or go shopping with the person to choose the gift together.




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