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Helsinki – a neighbour you would never get bored of, no matter how many times you go!

Sometimes adventures are even closer than we can look for. One of the places that can always live up to its monumental architecture and a simple, relaxed and amusing vibe is the capital of our northern neighbour, Helsinki.

Who will go to the business meeting, who will go to the concert or the opera or even shopping. All these opportunities are made by high quality in Helsinki.

One business trip mixed with the will to spend quality time enjoying food and cocktails are in the picture before you.

And, of course, there are recommendations for where to get good emotions.



A cozy and eclectic interior design cafe


Keywords: quality coffee, fresh bruschetta, rich take-away

Address: Keskuskatu 7

Deliberi is a place that creates a good mood instantly – the eclectic and colourful interior design and cheerful servants also give pleasure impulses in the heart of the most morose visitor.

Good mood cafe!

And probably the best coffee in town!



Best coctails in town


Keywords: minimalism, style, airiness

Address: Kluuvikatu 2

The restaurant-lounge EMO, located right in the heart of the Helsinki, is at first modest, but behind this modesty lies the depth and quality, what is the joy to enjoy.

The afternoon mimosa-cocktail in a tastefully minimalist and natural setting in the interior is a great place to breathe before the new challenges offered by the city.



Helsinki Italy


Keywords: honest, authentic, tasty

Address: Eteläesplanadi 14

Without exaggeration, it can be said that Presto has more Italian than just a few Milano dining options. The majority of Scandinavian communication scammers tells that Prestos will not magically teleport us directly to Italy.

The place is a real treat, especially for the admirer of mozzarella – a large part of the menu is devoted specifically to this cheese princess.


Helsinki is amazing!

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